Fethullah Gulen

Fethullah Gulen An anatomy of a terrorist

Fethullah Gulen is happy. His soldiers killed innocent people. Happiness did not last long. Impact failed. It must be surrendered now. War! The truth of the world that we never wanted to but never escaped. For 150 years, a certain geography of the world faces this reality.

The rest are following this fact with abundant oscar-inspired action films. The ones killed on one side and the ones on the other do not make noise.

When we look completely into the world, we see that both sides need love and compassion. Defending humanity against such brutality is the real success.

Syria is the focal point of world wars. All contemporary civilizations redraw the borders of violence on Syria. Previously they had experience with the Balkans, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Palestine and Iraq. Now they are killing it more professionally. The funny thing is that the innocent should try to convince us that they deserve to die. They want us to be instrumental in their own unscrupulousness. Yet, our nationality and our leader say that the world is bigger than five. He said a moment in time.

Fethullah Gulen

According to the year 2015, 19 thousand children were killed in Syria. Eighteen thousand women were under arrest. Millions of people have left their homes and fell to the status of refugees. Russia, the United States, the Western states and their puppets PKK, PYD and IŞID are genocide in a planned manner. All they want is to set up the Great Kurdish State and hand it over to the UK, US and Israel. Russia is Turkey, to prevent contact with the Israeli and Syrian Kurds through the corridors of the establishment and wants to ensure lasting peace in the region.

When we examine carefully the events of the fire place standing firm in one country can see that Turkey Middle East. You can see that Turkey is also breaking down and asked to be taken internally surrounded and surrendered. Army, judge, bureaucracy and business world were almost seized by terrorist Fethullah Gulen, the puppet of the occupation forces.

They know they can not win by fighting in Turkey to infiltrate They wanted to beat. Our President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and our saintly nationalism did not succeed with the fascia. For this reason, those who displaced Syria were exploding bombs in Bitlis in Van in Elazığ in Gaziantep.

(The live bomb boy, the boys are dead!

Fethullah Gulen will lose the war.

Turkey is faced with a game how magicians PA terrorists Fethullah Gulen admits.

It is not too dangerous for the Crusader Army to occupy your country. Because there are red lines between you and them. For once they do not wear your girl. They do not move the camera. Unrelated Crusader Army.

We have not forgotten the recent raids of the Crusader Army in Iraq, the massacres of children.

Yes friends, the Crusader Army and the westerners want to be dominated by the traitors they bribe if they can not afford the power and the power. In this battle of sovereignty, they are killing young, old men, women, children, and babies.

They will not succeed despite everything. The world is pregnant with a new birth. The world is pregnant. The world is re-peace, love and compassion conceive. Aylan, who drowned in the water at the age of 3 and hit the shore, conceives a baby. Umran who is wounded in the world Syria is pregnant with the baby.

This war will end in the hands of the children. This war will end with children’s dreams. The children will win this war. Fethullah Gulen will lose the war.

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